What is “Oops, something went wrong” Error when signing into Quicken ID and how to fix it?

Quicken is a personal finance management software which was developed by the Intuit Inc. and released in 1983. Later, the Intuit Inc. sold the software to the H.I.G. Capital, and since then Quicken has been distributed and developed by the Quicken Inc. Quicken is very common in the financing world and Share Market Industry. The software acts as a financial planning guide. The idea of developing such a finance management software came from the hassles of managing our finance-related subjects on pen and paper. Recording details of financial transactions, budget planning and measuring the maintenance of budget is undoubtedly tough to accomplish solely through a pen-paper medium. The development of Quicken has enabled a hassle-free experience of personal finance management. Tracking investments, planning of budgets yearly and monthly, along with the aforementioned financing-related aspects has become easy after the onset of this software in the digital market. 

“Oops, something went wrong” Error when signing into Quicken ID

One of the issues that occurs with Quicken is sign-in errors. The software may show you an error message on the dashboard stating; “Oops, something went wrong” or “Unknown error”. Many users across the globe have also reported it. Therefore, the software is under development to find a permanent solution. It occurs due to the server issues or if we have the Quicken version 2017 or earlier. The older versions of Quicken are not compatible with the new server, and signal strength might not correlate between the two; hence this issue may arise. 

How to fix the Quicken Sign-in Error?

As mentioned before, this issue happens due to server outage most of the time. A simple solution for resolving the problem is to wait for some time and try to log in into the server later. If this issue persists, you can check the following instructions: 

  • Start by signing out of the Quicken ID and create a temporary data file and log in to that temporary data file. This step enables the Quicken team to work around our main account and find out the actual cause of this issue. The response team is generally swift and you may not have to go through much hassle whatsoever. 
  • In order to sign out from the main account, you have to go to the Edit menu option in the dashboard and go to preferences. After this step, select Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts and click on the “Sign in as a different user” link which will be on the right side of the window. 
  • A dialogue box will open in which you need to type “YES” as a confirmation of signing out. You can sign back into your original account when the problem gets fixed by the Quicken team.  

The sign-in error into the Quicken account is a globally known issue, and the developers are trying to fix it at the earliest. It is recommended by them to use the newer versions of the software as they have lesser chances to cause these issues because of the proper sync in between the server and core software.  

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