What is New in the Quicken U.S. Subscription Release R27 for Windows?

Quicken has been the quintessential software for personal finance management since the onset of computers. Quicken started its journey in 1983 and was initially designed for MS-DOS and the legendary Apple II back then. However, there were some fundamentalissues with the coding of the software between DOS and Macintosh. The Macintosh version was written with a different coding strategy compared to its newer generations. Hence, some incompatibility occurred between the two versions. It was observed that the windows version of Quicken was similar to the DOS version. We are discussing these to give an insightinto the Quicken reign in the financing software industry.

The primary reason behind this is the constant up-gradation and addition of new features in the existing versions. Quicken generally updates their software pretty frequently and notifies their users regarding the same. Such notifications come in the format of Quicken Subscription Releases. They have already released the new release for the month of July 2020. We will be taking a look into the recent upgrades and modifications in this subscription release for the windows version.  

Quicken U.S. Subscription Release R27.28 Notes for Windows

If you have missed any previous releases, you do not need to worry as Quicken provides the latest upgradations along with the previously modified versions in the newest version of their software. All you need to do is to download the most updated version of the software from Quicken’s website. However,you need to check your version of the software first by opening Quicken and moving to the Help section and clicking on the About Quicken option and check if the release number is less than R27.28. If so, then you need to upgrade your software. 

  • Updates and modification in the Quicken U.S. Subscription Release R27.28 for Windows.
  • They have fixed two issues related to the crashing of the software.  
  • Moreover, they fixed an issue in which the users had problems regarding resetting their accounts due to the failure of deletion of duplicate accounts. 
  • Intermittent issue of updating online balance failure after completion of One Step Update has also been fixed in this subscription release.   

How to get the new releases of Quicken?

You can get the new releases directly from the official website of Quicken. These are the same updates which you can get after completion of One Step Update in your software. It can easily be accessed from the dashboard by moving to the Help section and clicking on the Check for Updates tab. If an issue comes up regarding the download or installation of the patch, you can go to the website and continue to download from there. Sometimes we reinstall the software entirely due to some critical requirements or changing our PC in use. In these cases, we need to make sure to get the latest patch or subscription release of Quicken for the proper functioning of the software. The software will not run on the older patches. 

Conclusively, these were a few instructions about the new update patch of Quicken and what you can expect in the latest version of July 2020. It would be best if you did not forget to update the software regularly as Quicken keeps on updating the software to provide a better experience in personal financing. 

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