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There can be a number of reasons responsible for your Quicken personal finance software not being able to update or download transactions. It can range from issues with your account settings to maintenance of the server of your financial institution. Whatever the issue maybe, in this article, we’ll provide the necessary guidelines to get you out of the situation. Follow through for some common resolving issues.

Issues with your internet connection:

This is probably the most obvious and common issues when facing trouble with updating your transactions on Quicken. So it is best advisable that you make sure that your internet is working properly. The easiest way to do this is to visit a common website that you probably visit very often, for example Google. If your internet connection is working properly, then you can easily visit other websites.

Server of your financial institution is down

If the website of your financial institution from where you usually try to download your transactions is down, then you might have a problem like this. It is common for banks to post a notice on the official website regarding such cases to alert the customer’s.They sometimes even send emails to make the customers aware. In such cases, you probably need to wait a few hours or a few business days before the website is back online.

Your Quicken account setting is incorrect:

If you recently change the account password for your financial institution on their website, or there have been reports of some unusual activities on your account, then for security measures they may have changed your account settings. If you are not too sure about this then get in touch with their customer care support immediately.

Other technical errors:

If none of the above mentioned issues are responsible, and you get error messages like this then you can follow these instructions:

  1. Error CC-501: This problem is not related to your financial institution. Rather it is an internal issue of Quicken. You can go check the error page to solve this issue.
  2. Error CC-506: If Quicken tries to access a bank’s account which has been closed or the account number is not the same anymore then this problem occurs.
  3. Error CC-508: This issue occurs when your financial institution changes their website address. A new webpage or a pop up window will likely appear requesting you to update your personal information and you need to follow through in order to continue.

In any other cases, you need to get in touch with your financial institution first to check if there have been any other problems on their part. Waiting for a few hours is the best solution in this case. For another support you can contact Quicken Customer Care Number.

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