Steps to install Quicken for Mac Products

Mac users can also access premium finance and accounting software like quicken as they have mac versions available from the official website too. Finance and accounting management is complex, especially if you do not have a background in these subjects. But when you have a software to aid you, things can get much simpler. Quicken is available for your smart devices as well as your laptop and PC which means you have access to the updates related to your financial notifications and other relevant information on the go. There are different versions of quicken and you can download and install them for your mac devices as well. Make sure that you are choosing right from the list of products or buying the most compatible versions. This is a step where the quicken customer care phone number and the experts behind it can help you out. The following are the steps for installing the quicken software for mac products:

  • You can install the quicken version on your mac device from a CD or a downloaded copy.
  • In case you are downloading the version and installing the subscription release for quicken, double click on the icon which will appear in the installation prompt.
  • Enter the administrator name and password when you are prompted to.
  • Double click on the quicken icon that will appear in your application folder to launch the product.
  • For users who are installing a CD version of the software there are few extra steps which must be carefully followed.
  • Once you have inserted the CD in the respective drive you will notice the installer file to appear and must double click it. Usually this icon will be there in your default download location. At times, despite of double clicking, it may not run and in such a situation you have to restart the device and try again.
  • There will be a welcome window that will open after double clicking the icon. You must click on the welcome window.
  • Next the software license agreement will appear and you have to click on accept to proceed with the download.
  • Click on the install button to install the program in the default location. In case you want to change the location, you have to browse and choose different location before you click on the install button.
  • There will be on-screen installation instructions which you have to follow step-by-step and eventually click on finish button.
  • You may get a prompting to restart the device after it is completed and should accordingly restart the device so that the software runs smoothly. In case there is no such prompting, simply click on quit.

The quicken customer care number is available round the clock from any part of the world and you can make sure you can smoothly access the features when you correctly install it. In case there is any trouble in the process, get in touch with the Quicken Technical Support Number and they will sort the issue for you.

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