Quicken Windows Users Reporting Issues

For decades, Quicken has maintained the top position as the best financial software. This extremely potential financial tool can help you to get a glance of your overall financial image. Starting from viewing your retirement banking investment to credit card accounts – you can get a one-stop financial solution to make your life easier.

However, due to multiple reasons Quicken users often report about common technical glitches. In this post, we are going to discuss the Quicken technical problems that users come across along with potential solutions.

Quicken Freezing – time out and crashing

Quicken for Windows 2017 & 2020 often result in sudden freezing, crushing or timeout while updating accounts via the One Step Update.

Potential solutions

  • Turning off the animation option
  • Turning off this option under the Preferences tab helps in resolving the issue as well as allow users to complete the account updates using the One Step Update.

How can you turn off the animation option?

  • Updating the profile and branding of the financial institution
  • If the problem persists even after turning off the animation option, it is advisable to refresh the branding and profile details. You can call us if you want to know the steps vividly in details

Downloading of fix – Available for the subscription version of Quicken

An interim ‘test’ has been developed keeping in mind about resolving the speed issue only for the Quicken subscription version. A release fix for the Quicken 2017 version has been designed as well.

If the problem persists even after switching off the animation option as well as updating the branding and kamedef.com profile details, you can install this test build. For more information, do not hesitate to call us. We will be glad to assist you any time of the day.

Updating the accounts individually

Updating each of the accounts separately can resolve the issue. Click on the Update Now option available under the Account Register menu located at the upper right-hand corner of the register option.

Unable to login – showing error messages like “check internet connection” or “unknown error”

This is basically a temporary issue and often caused due to server outage. It hardly needs one or two hours to get resolved automatically. You just need to wait and try to sign in later on. Make sure that you are using the current version of Quicken release. If your internet connection is unstable or slow, this error message often pops up as well. You can call us if you need immediate assistance. Our professional Quicken Customer Support Number can help you to resolve the problem instantly.

Error while accessing the online Quicken services for Windows

This is again a temporary issue. You need to verify the details provided are true to your knowledge. Otherwise, you can check out the connection again on the following business day.

Verification of web browser to establish a secure connection

Open your Internet Explorer browser followed by login into the website of your financial institution. It is advisable to use the internet explorer for this test.

In case you are unable to sign in to your financial website, you should get in touch with the internet service provider or the financial institution for immediate assistance.

Verify the time and date settings 

  • Exit the Quicken software
  • Tap on the Start option, followed by clicking on the Control Panel.
  • Double-tap on Date and Time
  • In the Properties window, you need to set up the right date and time. Click Ok
  • Restart the Quicken  software for updating the accounts

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