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Quicken is a tool which helps in managing the finance. It helps in managing different financial account together without moving to different account for accessing information on finances. Different versions are available as per the requirement according to Windows and Mac. The user using any operating system could choose the version according to their usage.

What do you mean by Quicken Vault password?

Most of the users are having multiple accounts with banks and it is very difficult to remember different passwords of the various banks to access financial information. With Quicken Vault Password the user can secure different password in a convenient manner into it. There is no need to remember all the passwords after storing them in the Vault Password. Only one password will be enough to access the information of different banks.

While adding, removing or changing the Vault password there could be many issues ormay arise. If a user is getting invalid password error when the user is trying to update the accounts, then it could be due to the information provided is incorrect. So to recreate a vault password, it is necessary to print all the passwords which are stored into it, then delete the vault password and reset it again.

  1. Printing the Vault password– Printing of the password is necessary so as to feed them correctly again; a user might have forgotten the stored passwords of banks.
    • Go to the tools menu, choose the option Password Vault.
    • Opt for Add or Edit passwords.
    • On the dialog box at the left side lower corner, there will be a printer icon, tap on it.
    • A new dialog box will appear, enter the vault password and tap on OK.
    • Choose the options appropriately and click on print.
  1. Deleting the Vault Password – Users having the latest version will able to have this as an option.
    • Go to the tools menu, choose the option Password Vault.
    • Opt for Delete Vault and all Saved passwords.
    • A prompt will appear for confirmation, click OK.
    • All passwords will be deleted.
  1. Reset the Vault password –
    • Go to the tools menu, choose the option Password Vault.
    • Opt for the reset Vault.
    • A dialog box will appear to type the new password Vault. Then need to type again for confirming the password.
    • Tap on OK. The vault password will reset again.

Further information on this could be sorted from the Quicken Customer Support Phone Number. They will assist and try to resolve every query over there itself. They can provide you with 24 hours service; call the whenever you face any sort of technical glitches.

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