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There can be several types of problems related to transactions in Quicken. One of the common problems faced by customers is duplicate transactions issue.  Let us see how we can resolve different types of duplicate transactions issues in Quicken.

To resolve these problems, first, you need to find out the possible causes of duplicate transactions by going through the Downloaded ID for these transactions.

You are to add the downloaded ID column to your register

Go to the top right of the account register and select the register columns gear icon. Now, put a checkmark next to download ID And click done. For using two line display, you have to select downloaded ID and downloaded reference.

You are to select the exact situation from the followings as the cause of duplicate transaction 

  • Downloaded transactions and mismatched manuals will appear in the account register
  • With different downloaded IDs downloaded transactions will appear twice.
  • All the transactions are downloaded through Quicken. Manual download from the website of the bank results in different downloaded ID numbers and duplicate data.
  • Downloaded transactions can appear again. If you deactivate and then reactivate your account for changing the connection method.
  • Also with the same downloaded ID, the downloaded transaction will appear twice.

Even then the issue might not be resolved

If you found that the duplicate continues to download you will need the assistance of your bank or from Quicken customer support. In such a situation, you can contact our well trained and well proficient technical support experts, who will provide you great help in resolving such issue. They are available for you, on our dedicated toll-free number for 24/7 all over the year. Therefore, it is better for you to contact them in such a complicated situation when you have the issue like duplicate transaction. You call our Quicken Technical Support Number and share your issue with them.  Be sure that they will listen to you with utmost sincerity and provide you the solution of your issue which will definitely resolve the matter. Since they are dealing with such problems day in and day out it won’t be that difficult for them to resolve. So, you can be sure that with their highly professional assistance your issue of duplicate transaction will be resolved in no time, as we understand the value of your time and therefore, always keen to resolve any of your issues in the earliest possible time.

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