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It is a software which helps in keeping the track of almost all the finances, in a secure way. With this, there will be no need to remember all the login passwords for the bank and could be stored in it.  All these passwords are secure and there is nothing to worry while storing them in it.

Quicken not responding in windows

There are times when Quicken account does not open in windows after updating the software. This occurs because the software has not been updated or installed properly and to resolve this user could follow these steps such as –

Software not updated properly

  1. A User needs to uninstall the software and then reinstall it again.
  2. Try opening the Quicken account, it will open
  3. If Quicken does not open then there are different patches available for Quicken account. Select the right year for the Quicken then download the Mondo patch of that year.
  4. Install the patch and then restart the computer.
  5. After restarting the computer, click on an icon to open the account and it will open.

Not opening due to a data file

If still there is a problem in opening the account and it’s not at all responding then –

  • Press both the button of Ctrl and shift, while clicking on the Quicken icon to open.
  • Hold both the button till there comes a blank screen on Quicken.
  • If it comes then this problem is due to any of the data file which is open and not letting the Quicken open.
  • Go to file, then click on the option file operations.
  • Tap on validate and repair.
  • Check the validate file and tap on OK.

Antivirus hampers working

After doing all this, if still the user could not able to open the Quicken on windows, then may be the antivirus is hindering it to open. May be it is blocking, so click on the antivirus and temporary block it for some time. Then click on the Quicken icon. Or the user can make the entry of Quicken account into the safe account so that it will not hamper it when it is opening.

If still there is any doubt with this and user thought that there could be another reason for their Quicken account to not open on Windows. Then they can take the expert opinion from Quicken Customer Support Number and they will assist in a better way.

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