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Quicken is the tool of financial management and sometimes its icon does not respond while clicking on it. This happens when the account is still open in the background and does not appear on the main screen. Or this could also happen when it is connected with different monitors and while disconnecting it from one monitor it will not appear on other. To resolve this issue it is best to reconnect with the monitor available externally or move the Quicken account to the main screen.

There are three types of situations which could come in front of users while trying to open a Quicken account.

  1. Quicken account is trying to get started but could not open– If the user faces the situation where while clicking on the icon if the account does not get opened but it is trying to get open then the user needs to follow steps –
  2. Go to the start button and search for the Quicken.
  3. While pressing the Ctrl key, open the Quicken account by clicking on it.
  4. If the Quicken account opens then this error has occurred as there could be some problem with the data file which is not letting the account to open.
  5. If still the account does not open then check the antivirus whether that is not letting it open. If it is so, then temporary disable the antivirus and open the Quicken account again.
  1. Quicken account is not opening – If a user is trying to open the account by pressing on the icon and nothing happens then, a user needs to follow steps –
  2. Make the computer restart.
  3. By doing right click on the icon of Quicken and then select properties.
  4. Go to the open file location.
  5. On the file Qw.exe, do the double click for starting the program.
  6. If Quicken starts then delete the Quicken shortcut icon from the desktop.
  7. Then right click on Qw.exe and select the option Send to Desktop for creating a new shortcut.
  1. Quicken in taskbar – There are times when Quicken is already opened but it’s there in the taskbar and user is not aware of it. If the user clicks on the Quicken icon then it will not appear on the screen.
  2. Go to the Quicken icon which is there on the taskbar.
  3. Do not click on it, just move the mouse to the preview window which comes as pop up.
  4. Right click on the preview window and click on restore.

If there is any other query regarding this, a user could take the help from Quicken Customer Support Number. They will help with the best solution.

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