Quicken for Mac v6.0 Released

Quicken, the manufacturers of the world’s most popular financial management software, has just released the latest version of Quicken for their Mac users. This release comes soon after the release of Apple’s latest operating system with the Mac OS 11 Big Sur. The latest Quicken release works with Apple’s new update to provide better user experience. It also makes it simpler for users to check all their financial accounts at one place and take more control on their financial life. 

What are the benefits of Quicken?

Quicken offers the best features to its users with the most useful personal finance management capabilities. Quicken for Mac will support all Mac products, including those that are built with Apple’s new Silicon based architecture. Quicken has also launched an application that can run easily on the new Apple Silicon based equipment. This allows Quicken to take more advantage of the new M1 chip used by Apple. This will enable Quicken to give a quicker and more seamless user experience to its customers.

The CEO of Quicken, Eric Dunn, has recently claimed that the ultimate feature of Quicken is that it is used and also trusted by several million users for managing their personal finances. He continued that as a market leader, Quicken is happy to launch the new Mac update which can work with Apple Silicon and the Mac OS 11 Big Sur. The new update will feature more upgrades and an improved performance. The reports generated by Quicken will now run twice as quickly on Apple thereby taking advantage of Apple’s latest CPU.

The new design of Quicken is also inspired by the Big Sur design. It generates a more sophisticated and productive user interface in the app. In addition, it is also easier for navigation with the newer tabs and user icons. It will also offer the users an ability to see their transactions on all accounts with just a single click.

The latest features will also create an all round better experience regarding the account settings, payment options. New features also include the updates for the Bills and Income feature and a more detailed analysis in the New Drill Down Reports.

You can get Quicken for Mac from the company’s website. You may try Quicken on your Mac for around $35 per year along with a guarantee for 30 days risk free transactions. Quicken Customer Support through chat and phone are also provided for free.

About Quicken:

Quicken is the most popular financial management software in the world. For over three decades, people have depended on Quicken for managing their finances and leading healthier financial lives. Quicken became an independent company in 2016, it offers desktop and cloud based services to cater to the various financial needs of different customers. Quicken’s app is also praised as an extremely budget friendly app for people. At least 15 million people use Quicken to manage their finances. You can learn more about Quicken by visiting their company website. The latest update for Mac has increased the usability of Quicken greatly.

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