Quicken: Chase Bank Returns a CC-505 /105 Error

Chase Bank was formerly known as Chase Manhattan Bank until it merges with J.P. Morgan in 2020 and rechristened as JPMorgan Chase & Co. Presently, t is an amalgamation of many large U.S. banks which include Chase Manhattan Bank, J.P. Morgan & Co., Bank One, Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. Chase bank is world-wide operational.  J.P. Morgan and J.P. Morgan Chase sounds very similar but they offer different services to the customers. Chase offers all major banking services like Savings Account, Current Account, Credit Cards, loans and investment to its retail clients.

Users for Quicken for Windows and Quicken for Mac are coming across with CC-505/105 error while trying to add or update accounts with Chase Bank in Quicken. This error code 505 is shown when connectivity issue arises or a temporary server is there or bank website is unavailable temporarily. Users may login into the bank’s website very easily but since there are ongoing issues with the server which supports to download data into Quicken, they are unable to download the transaction details.

Users are advised to keep a Quicken file backup before taking any troubleshooting step to avoid missing of data. For backup creation user can follow the following steps after opening Quicken:

  • Click Backup and Restore > Backup Quicken file
  • Press on Back up now

Users are also recommended to update Quicken to the latest release. After opening Quicken they will click on Help > Check for updates. Once update is available, they will press on Yes to install it.

There are four methods to fix Quicken Error CC-505/105.  These are described briefly herein below:

Method I – Refresh Online Account Information

If the users want to adopt this method, they will

  • Press on Account
  • Clicktop-right gear icon with drop down menu after account register is opened
  • Press on Update Now (Ctrl+Alt+U)
  • Enter into a vault or bank password
  • Press Update now button

Method II – Waiting for 24 to 48 business hours

Attempting the Method, I, users need to wait for 24 to 48 business hours for implementation the changes on bank’s server or website. They will try to update the account after 24-48 hours. If the same problem persists, users will have to go through Method I again.

Deactivation and Reactivation are not recommended because this error is a temporary issue. After waiting for long period if the error occurs, users are advised to go ahead with the below mentioned methods.

Method III – Contact Bank / FI

After waiting for more than 24 hours, if the users are unable to update account and the same error arises, they are advised to speak to their banks / financial service providers. When the problem is still not solved, users should adopt Method IV.

Method IV- Deactivation and Reactivation of Accounts.

In case, CC-505/105 repeatedly occurs, users are suggested to deactivate and again reactivate their account. The Quicken Technical Support zone expert can also be contacted by them for quick and easy solution methods.

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