Quicken Canada 25.19 Release Crash Issue

Quicken is one of the most popular financial management software initially developed by Intuit Inc. However, with Intuit Inc. selling Quicken to H.I.G. Capital, it is now produced by Quicken Inc.

Quicken supports all of the operating systems that are available today. Though it initially started keeping an eye on D.O.S. and Apple II, it has gradually extended its support for Windows and Mac Operating systems.

No doubt, it boasts of a broad spectrum of dedicated users across America. Hence, its updates really matter for the users from all of the different corners of the country, and the bug reports travel faster than ever.

It was quite similar when Quicken Canada 25.19 was released. With tremendous attention from the experts and the users of Quicken, it was not long before the Quicken Canada 25.19 release crash issue was detected leaving the Quicken technical team to start working on it.

About the Error

Quicken Canada, which is otherwise a very stable software, is reported to crash down soon after it is upgraded to the latest One Step Update. The Quicken team in its reply had posted that they are already aware of the issue and are looking to fix it as soon as possible according to an update on March 29.

The Error as it Progressed

Later the team has posted that they have already reverted the patch 25.19 release of the software, which will solve the Error. However, they also informed in their forum that if you still face the same issue, you need to uninstall the version of Quicken you are using and install it back once again. Doing this will downgrade the software, thereby fixing the problem. This was said as per the update on March 29 on the official forum of Quicken community. Moreover, the users were requested to wait until any further pilemeds.com information or update about the issue from the technical team.

It took three days for the technical team, who reverted again on April 2 that they have managed to sort out the problem.

The Solution

As per the latest update on April 2 from the Quicken support team, they have released a new patch 25.22, which will eventually solve the crash issue with the older version of Quicken. The team has made the latest version available through the product itself to the users.

We have made the issue and the solution extremely understandable for the users. Hope the solution helps! Good luck!

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