Quicken -Bank Transactions are not Updating or Downloading

When it comes to controlling your finances in a better way, personal finance software is your best choice. Personal finance software will help you get a clearer picture of your whole financial scenario and also will help you in resolving issues regarding saving, budgeting, and investment. So it’s important to choose the correct software for all your financial needs. Always make sure that any financial software you opt for is well protected as it involves financial risks. You must make sure to check their policies regarding privacy protection. Always keep your password as complex as possible and keep it updated regularly.


Quicken to the rescue

Quicken is one of the most trustworthy financial software available in the market these days. It will provide all that you need to have a secured financial information database. However, there are a number of issues you might face when your Quicken software fails to perform. This happens when the software might be failing to download or update your bank transactions. To solve such issues, follow the steps:

  1. Always check if your device connected to the internet. This is the most common problem. If your internet connection isn’t running, Quicken cannot update or download data. The best way to do this is to visit a very common website that you might visit often.
  2. There is another thing you can do when you face trouble with downloading your transactions on Quicken. Most of the times, banks put up a notice on their own website for everyone to see or send individual email alerts to customers when there is a situation where they have to put the website up for maintenance. If this affects your access to thedata then you have to check the bank’s website for future notice.
  3. Make sure your Quicken account settings and password are up to date. Check for any other suspicious activity that might concern security issues. If you still cannot access your account then you should contact the Quicken Customer Care Support for further assistance.

Other errors:

Look out for specific errors such as:

  1. Error CC-501 :

This does not concern your respective financial institution in any way. It is a problem of the software and you can check the error page for solutions.

  1. Error CC-506 :

This might happen when Quicken tries to access an account that has been closed or certain information of the account has been recently altered.

  1. Error CC-508:

When your respective financial institution changes their own website and hasn’t been updated on Quicken, this problem is likely to occur.

You can always get in touch with your bank through the phone call or email and resolve the matter.You can also ask Quicken if the setup has recently been changed. Usually, if you wait for a fewhours, this problem gets solved.


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