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Have you ever been stuck with a problem where your Quicken in where user go through various problems such as user is not able to back up their QDF data file, the system does not allow to copy the QDF data files, and when all of the backup files which were saved safely gets corrupted. So if any of the situation occurs to the users than it is a very annoying error. Because as Quicken does has the feature to manage the finances, looing such sort of data could not just be frustrating but also it can cause a loss to the person.  After getting complaints by many users, quicken has taken steps to minimize and solve the problem. If you are using Quicken and facing such sort of problems than please go through the article thoroughly as we will be providing steps for solving it.

Now users must be made clear that these sorts of error occur if anything wrong goes with the hardware of your computer. There are loads of steps and ways written in the internet but those steps will not work. The users may make it clear that the cause for the corruption for Quicken Back up file to get corrupted is due to the problem caused by the bad blocks on the failing SSD. The issue related to this was the bad blocks which were approx. 230mb into a file. So, in the particular scenario copying of the files or backing up files does fails and gets corrupted. In these situations even copying simple files from one drive to another can be failed. In these sorts of situations, we would like to suggest users to follow a certain step in which we would have to force copy and recover the QDF file. So, after the step user will have to validate it and then start using again at a very minimum data loss measured to be up to 96kb.

Steps to recover corrupted Quicken backup files.

  • Open your windows and run the command prompt.
  • Next type in, PS C:\users\user\desktop> .\Force-Copy.ps1 -SourceFilePath “G:\Quicken\2014\Quicken2014.QDF” -DestinationFilePath “C:\recovered_quicken_file.qdf”in your command prompt.
  • Next step will be copying the files
  • Starting copying of G:\Quicken\2014\Quicken-2014.QDF…
  • There will be prompted several times that the files could not be copied but by forcefully executing the command the file will be repaired.

By the following process user will be able to fix their Quicken Backup file corrupted issue. And if there are any sort of confusion and problem regarding the steps than feel free to call us Quicken Phone Number.

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