Quicken 2019 for Mac

Most of the people’s choose software just to have a record of all kind of transactions Ds made by the users and it works as a quick process. Quicken is a software for financial management, introduces the latest version for Mac in 2019. In this quicken introduces the web access which helps the users for managing their finance online using safari, chrome. Quicken provides many benefits to their Mac users so that they don’t face any issue in their device.

  • Check the balance
  • Monitor transactions
  • Investment holding
  • Past transaction

Quicken has also introduced the customized dashboard so that users themselves view full details whatever information is required to carry the process of Quicken. In 2019 Quicken tried their best to give the various option like graphs, chat, backup. This are many subscriptions to purchase and make you life and device a threat free device.

  • Advantages of Quicken for Mac

In 2019 Quicken company have tried to improve the usability and also a web interface. They have tried their best to provide the best services to their users.

  • Account side for the details of income, spent.
  • To track the investment with simply go on banking and avoid keeping that users keep income and expenses on the same page.
  • Account transactions and balance right at the top
  • Improve loan tracking
  • Disadvantages of Quicken

There are some disadvantages for Mac users as well, although Quicken have tires their best to improve various issues and come up with the new features in the software but still it might face some kind of issue after all its also an human made software.

  • Lack in investment features
  • Subscription is not worthy
  • Navigation is not googood these all are the advantages and disadvantages of Quicken 2019 for Mac. This would be helpful to differentiate between the various versions available in the market of Quicken.
  • Pricing for Mac

It’s one of the most focus  points of most of the users, they have changed in 2018 to a subscription instead of doing it in one time payment. It’s bad because users don’t update for years and it’s good because as hope with recurring revenue. Around 90% of the users prefer in using the deluxe version because of this hight cost price of this software.

  • It’s an advice not to make use of bill pay option because Quicken as well as bank going to change for that payment so it’s a lose for the users.

So this is all about quicken 2019 for Mac, you may contact Quicken Tech Support Services to have the audience regarding the latest version for Mac as they are available for their users for 24×7. Quicken executives trying their best to give all kind of information related to the latest version. It would be be helpful for you to know about the pros and cons of Quicken. Just download Quicken 2019 for Mac and live a smooth life.

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