How to move from Quicken Bill Pay to Quicken Bill Manager

Due to COVID-19 crisis, deadline for discontinuance of the services for Quicken Bill Pay platform has been extended to 31stAugust, 2020 from 31st May, 2020.  Quicken Bill Manager has taken place of Quicken Bill Pay. Now, one can pay his bills through Quick Pay and Check Pay without leaving Quicken. Quick Pay sends electronic payments to payees having online accounts accessible by Quickens. Check Pay sends check to the persons having address in the United States.   This Check is sent by a Quicken service.

Current Quicken Bill Pay users will have to go through the following steps to migrate to the new Quicken Bill Manager on Windows:

  1. To update the latest release of Quicken user will:
  2. ·         Launch the Quicken Application
  3. Select Check for Updates ,
  4. Select Install Update, If any newer version of Quicken available.
  • Ensure the Bills and Income tab is set to show
  • Users shall have to use Bills and Income tab to set up and use Quicken Bill Manager.
  • To add an online bill users will
  • move on to Enable a Payment Account for Quick Pay for existing online bills set up, they will
  • Click the Bills and Income Tab, then Click Get started. Search for the payee’s name he/she wants  to add
  • Enter the login credentials for the payee’s website and click Next.
  • Create a new Reminder / Link an existing Reminder, once payee is added.
  • Add another bill or click Done to end the process.
  • For enabling a payment account for Quick Pay users can go through the following:
  • Press the gear icon in the upper right cornerin the Bills & Income tab.
  • Select Set up Quicken Bill Manager
  • Review the following slides and click Next and then click Get Started.
  • Click Continue after reading the information on “You need to know this screen”
  • Select the payee’s account and select Enable in the Payment Accounts for Quicken Bill Manager screen
  • Click Copy from Biilpay.
  • Fill up  account holder’s date of birth and his/her address
  • Click Save.
  • Enter into the payment account information and find a verification screen which says he or she can use the account for Quick Pay payments.
  • click Done if he / she wants to use Quick Pay

If the user also wants to use Check Pay he/she will have to go through a verification process to set up Check Pay. Through Check Pay manual bills can be paid also. . For this, user will have to supply billing amount as well as the billing dates.

For migration, all the above steps should be completed before August 31, 2020 to avoid missing any payment. Users can cancel the Quicken Bill Pay service to avoid migration into the Quicken Bill Manager automatically, if they are unwilling to use both Quicken Bill Manager and Quicken Bill Pay. This new platform is having significant upgrades and additional value without any increase of price.  It is smarter and faster.

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