1-888-790-0037 How do I set up multiple Quicken files?

Quicken is a very useful software in which a user can handle their finance in which the software provides a finance management tool which was developed by the Quicken.inc. The software comes for the windows and Mac devices. Quicken has set various subscription plans by which we can get features as we require. There are various range of subscription package which can be used to manage one’s finances and monthly budget. After getting into the basic details and introduction about the software. Let’s get into the part and discuss about the issue and topics users are talking about a lot these days. So, discussing no other topics we have a certain request which has been put forward by many users. Users are confused about creating multiple account to Quicken. So, we will be providing you steps to set up multiple accounts in Quicken.

Before we get into the steps we must first understand that Quicken data files holds all the information of your account same in the way how file folder holds your paper banking or statement. If user is using Quicken for personal use than one account is enough if Quicken is used for multiple use than users must have multiple account.

So, let’s get into learning the steps to create multiple files in Quicken.

  • Open your Quicken and click on File.
  • Next step is to click on the New Quicken File.
  • Next a dialogue box appears in which click on the New Quicken File and click on Ok.
  • In the file name enter your new file name.

In the following ways user will be able to create multiple Quicken files and users will be able to access the files which they are looking for.

Next step is to sign in with your Quicken ID, if you have already created the account than user can simply log in into the system. After the process the system works in a way where Quicken stores the data file on the same folder unless it is specified with another name. So creating multiple files will also not be a problem after the steps. After users are able to create a new Quicken file than creating multiplies not of a big concern. There may be various folder but it will be saved under Quicken Folder.

With the following steps users will be able to setup multiple files in Quicken. If the following steps are confusing or if problems occur while processing the steps than feel free to call Quicken phone Number.

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