How do I get a refund for Quicken?

Are you looking for a refund from Quicken isn’t it so? Refund from Quicken can only be possible if you can return within thirty days. Quicken is a professional and a personal finance management tool it tackles with bill reminders, bill payment, investment, financial management. Quicken is of various period depend on your what type of subscription you have taken for your system.

  • Starter
  • Deluxe
  • Premier
  • Home and business

Quicken helps in data management as you don’t need to struggle for the entire year you can simply return the quicken if you don’t like it. As you can buy any of the subscriptions of Quicken for your device. Also they provide you with an option that you can shift the subscription as well from one to another easily but it’s only for the windows and Mac, but you don’t want Quicken the last option is refund only.

  • How you will get money

The process of getting money is a quick as it’s named, your money refunded within 3-4 days. After the request for a refund the about going to be transferred in your account. Basically, it’s an instant process but you need go keep in mind about the period within which you can do this process successfully.

  • Payment done through cards

In today’s time people being totally cashless so they use the option of doing payment through the card isn’t it so, The refund depends on the method of payment if you have done payment either through credit card or debit card then find going to be credited to your bank account. It might go to take 2-3 days to get your refund from Quicken.

  • Payment done through cash

The payment method is cash then quicken will refund you back once it’s being confirmed. You would be getting a mail after the refund request is sent. If you are not receiving any type of mail then contact tech support services of Quicken.

  • How to confirm that your refund is confirmed

 you need to submit a refund form and wait for 1 month still not getting any mail from Quicken then the last option left with you is trying to download quicken again just to analyze whether the refund is accepted by the Quicken company or not. This would help you to show the real image of your refund process in your system.

 If you are finding a problem with this process then may contact Quicken Tech Support Service for further information, the number is . You can contact anytime as their executives are at services for you 24×7.

This would be helpful for you to get a refund from Quicken, the process is very easy but when you have the copy of the receipt, activation code, CD. As you know the refund is valid up to 30 days only and for any type of query contact quicken. Just follow all the information provided by us after research so that you can solve the issue easily.

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