Changes to Your Capital One Account Services in Quicken

It is a common practice for the Quicken users to link Capital One account and Quicken account. Using both these tools simultaneously has a lot of benefits in offering. So, if you are planning to use these two tools together by connecting them with each other, you need to know a few basic things. The most important thing is that Capital One has made some changes to the process of providing data to Quicken. In order to authorize download of the data from linked tools, users have to complete filling up a form with hosted sign in.

Similar Sign in and Downloading Interface

The overall process of signing into Capital One account and downloading data from this tool will be similar. You need to undergo authorization checking through the sign in process. However, Capital One system login interface will be different from the download login. Previously, users had to store Capital One sign in password in Mac keychain or Quicken Password Vault. But, now the users can directly sign into the Capital One account through their Quicken software. This major change has made things quite easier for the users. There will be lesser complications in accessing Capital One from Quicken.

Now, the question do you have to pass security check every time you initiate download? Well, you do not have to sign in every time as that seems to be a daunting and time killing idea. However, to maintain the highest form of security, the account authorization process will be done in every 90 days. Once you have signed in to download data from Capital One, you have to do that again after 90 days.

Is It Similar to Personal Finance Access Code?

Well, this change cannot be considered as similar to Finance Access Code. Basically, the access code is generated by Capital One to allow users to sign in to the personal finance management tools. This access code is actually replaced by Capital Once to provide completely new experience to the users.

What Users Need to Do?

This new feature or change to the Capital One account has been introduced recently. So, if you update Quicken, you shall be able to opt for this feature. You shall be asked to enter Capital One username and password. The similar process has to be followed for all your accounts, in case if you have multiple Capital One accounts.

To learn more and to get technical assistance on authorization of Capital One account with Quicken, you can contact Quicken support.

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