American Express Credit Card Account Error-cc505/105,cc504/104 or OL 332

American Express is an American financial services corporation company of worldwide reputation. Founded back in the year 1890, the American Express of Amex is well-known for its credit cards, charge cards and traveller’s cheque. Besides, it is also famous for being a corporate banking institution of international repute. However, the latest error with the American Express credit card accounts is circling among the users of the credit cards across the globe.

Digging into the Error

The error is a specific kind of issue with the American Express credit card users, which comes up as error-cc505. It has also been seen as 105,c504/104 or as ol 332.

This error is targeting the Quicken for Mac and Quicken for Windows users when they are trying to add or update their American Express credit card accounts in Quicken. So, if you are among one of them, you can also find:

  • CC-505 (QWin)/Error 105 (QMac)
  • CC-504 (QWin)/Error 104 (QMac)
  • OL-332 (QWin & QMac) Direct Connect only.

The technical team has been working on the issue right since it was first reported and is a known issue according to the support team for Amex.

The Cause

The team of experts from the American Express’ credit card department has mentioned that as the issue is regarding Quicken with Amex, they have to make necessary changes to the software and with the other connections. Therefore, they would also need to temporarily block the 3rd party aggregators like Quicken while working with Amex credit card accounts. This was reported on March 1, 2019.

Is the Issue Resolved?

The issue was first reported in the month of March of the previous year, and the technical team had been working on it diligently since then. In this process, they have blocked the 3rd party software and lifted the block time and again to check whether the issue persists and have provided no updates regarding the fix of the problem.

The OL-332 error is a single error faced by the Quicken users who are trying to add or update their credit cards through Quicken.

According to the latest reports from the technical team, they are still working on the error. However, due to their inaccessibility to the AmEx servers and because of the restrictions of the user accounts, it is becoming difficult for the team. Moreover, the team has also mentioned that if the users are still facing OL-332 when they are trying to update AmEx only, then they dial their online Quicken Customer Support Number team for further assistance on the issue.

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